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Babak Haleky is a Canadian actor living in Vancouver, British Columbia. He was studying biology at the University of Windsor, Ontario when he decided to turn his life around and follow his dreams. He attended the school of Drama at the University to get an introduction to acting. He then moved to Toronto, Ontario and attended Second City and a few other private acting schools. After working in the industry for three years he moved to Vancouver in search of more opportunities.

Although the Film and TV industry can be very challenging, Babak is very determined to reach his goal as a working actor. Recently, he has been developing his interest in script writing and music.

Babak has been training with some of Vancouver's well-known teachers and coaches including Andrew McIlroy, Loretta Walsh and Jeb Beach. He always stays proactive by attending workshops with Vancouver's Casting Directors. He understands that as a performer it is very important to always be in a good shape because an opportunity could knock at anytime.