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Babak's introduction to Electronic music was in the mid-90's when he heard Chris Sheppard's late night "Pirate radio show" in Toronto. Once he decided to leave university to follow his dream of being a working artist he purchased two technics 1200s and a mixer and started mixing records.

Within a year he sent his first mix cd to various promoters and radio shows. He got invited to play on one of his favorite radio shows with the legendary Don Berns, aka Dr. Trance. That was just the start of his passion, which led to him purchasing music production equipment and seeking different methods to learn music.

It wasn't until he moved to Vancouver and met his good friend Sergey Orlov who taught him music theory that enabled him to truly express himself through music. Many years of trial and error, along with support from all those around him led to signing with Plastic Magic Records in late 2017. His first release was 'Lonely Weekend' on January 26, 2018.

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